2 Gedanken zu “Fett

  1. Hello Robert (?)
    I’ve been follow a thread on MTB-News.de about the On-One Fatty bike and I just saw your lovely steed in bare aluminium.
    Question – did you remove the white paint yourself ? what method did you use for it ?

    Thank you for your reply
    All the best

    • Hi Carlos,

      yeah, it’s a Raw Alu Fatty.
      & no, i don’t remove the paint by myself.
      i ve donme a chemical removing by an extern company.
      it is simple and don’t take too much time, it is cheap and very clean.

      you can do it by yourself, but it is a lot of work. you can paint the chemical material on your frame by yourself and after a while you can remove the paint with sand paper, painting knife or whatever. it will look „used“ 😉 you have to use some sort of mordant. just check your DIY superstore or find a company in you town. good luck

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